2019 Collection - 8 total sets + 2 videos!

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Every single set + videos released in 2019! This collection includes the following sets for a reduced price of 50% off when purchased as the collection(Minus any sets including MicroKitty! Those are full price)!

Sets included are:

Royal Icing Saber and Rin featuring Luna + video - Fate

Bikini Artoria - Fate

Elderburn Yang x Winter featuring Katheryne Knight - Rwby

GymBees Yang x Blake featuring Microkitty - Rwby

Gym White Rose Ruby x Weiss featuring Microkitty - Rwby

Bond level 10 Saber + video - Fate

Spider Girls Gwen x MJ featuring Rin Mintaka - Spinderverse

Lartoria - Fate

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2019 Collection - 8 total sets + 2 videos!

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