2020 Collection - 12 total sets + 5 videos!

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Every single set + videos released in 2020! This collection includes the following sets for a reduced price of 25% off when purchased as the collection!

Sets included are:

Good Morning Saber + video - Fate

Irisviel and Saber featuring Toxi - Fate

Coke-Chan and Pepsi-Chan featuring Toxi +videos - Memes/orginal

Ruler Bunnygirl Artoria, Mordred and Shirou featuring Witchy Demon and TheMainCharacter + video - Fate

Bikini Saber and more fun with Astolfo and Shirou, Featuring Witchy Demon and TheMainCharacter - Fate

Saber Alter and Jalter Featuring Katheryne knight + video - Fate

Murloc Kigu - World of Warcraft

Saber Alter lingerie + video - Fate

White Bikini Saber - Fate

Cherry Bomb Addict version + videos - Hazbin Hotel

Master Artoria - Fate

Saber in Shirous shirt - Fate

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2020 Collection - 12 total sets + 5 videos!

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